Xiaomi Mijia T500 Sonic Electric Toothbrush





Xiaomi Mijia T500 Sonic Electric Toothbrush in Bangladesh

MIJIA Sonic Electric Toothbrush T500
Smart teeth protection
High-frequency vibration magnetic levitation motor, brush clean
Intelligent over-pressure reminder, not hurting gums
Rust-free, metal-free brush head, clean and efficient
Magnetic levitation acoustic wave motor, strong power, clean
Intelligent over-pressure reminder for sensitive gums
Customized model to meet multiple needs
Recognize cleaning and learn to brush properly
Rust-free and metal-free brush head, safer and more efficient
10 ° stable swing for deep cleaning
The 230gf.cm torque force output keeps the bristles at a stable swing of 10 °,
driving the water and toothpaste foam in the mouth to form a small pulse force,
cleaning the gaps in the teeth, and cleaning the stubborn plaque.
High-frequency vibration magnetic levitation acoustic wave motor, strong power, efficient teeth cleaning
The second-generation magnetic levitation acoustic wave motor independently developed by German and Japanese experts has a vibration frequency of 31,000 times/minute, which is powerful and easy to remove stains.
After the motor upgrade, the volume is smaller, the noise is lower,
the vibration is smaller, and the brushing experience is more comfortable.
31,000 vibrations/minute
The first-generation magnetic levitation motor has a thicker and long diameter of 20mm
and the second-generation magnetic levitation motor has a smaller and small diameter of 18mm.
Rust-free and metal-free brush head for more hygienic and efficient cleaning
The brush head does not contain metal copper, which does not rust and is more hygienic.
The selected new hair implantation technology is different from the metal hair implantation process,
which keeps the brush head away from metal and avoids hidden dangers in the oral cavity.

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