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Xiaomi Nextool Multifunctional Knife Price in Bangladesh

Xiaomi Nextool Camping Multitool Tools Phone Holder Can Opener Multifunctional Mini Knife Home Life Outdoor Folding Knife Pliers. Xiaomi Nextool 10 In 1 Multifunction Unpack Knife Scissors Screwdriver Fold Camp Fruit Tool Outdoor Survive Clip Sharp Cutter. Newest Xiaomi Nextool Multitool Folding Knife w/ lock system.


1/ What are the functions of the portable multi-function knife?

Portable multi-function knife integrates 10 functions, knife, rope cutting hook, crowbar, can opener, mobile phone holder, wire stripper, cross bit, file, bottle opener, scissors, and card removal needle in one, to satisfy your furniture Requirements for the use of all outdoor scenes.

2/ What is the main material of the portable multi-function knife?

Main material: 30Cr13, 20Cr13, ABS,

3/ What is the size of the portable multi-function knife?

Product size: 75mm x 20mm x19mm (closed)

4/How to maintain the product?

  1. After use, pay attention to cleaning, especially thoroughly washing salt, grease, dirt, etc., and ensure that no shreds of paper become dusty, and dry it for storage.
  2. If necessary, it can be properly rubbed with grease, etc. to ensure smooth use and prevent rust.
  3. The product is capable of normal use in daily activities, but unnecessary overload and violent use should also be avoided to prevent deformation or damage.




Product Name

Multifunctional mini knife

Product Size

75x20x19mm (closed)

Main material

30Cr13, 2Cr13, ABS

Product weight



-Card pick-up pin included, convenient and simple.

-Steel body with frosted ABS handle material.

-Balanced force, feel-good light weight.

-Switch at will, cell phone holder horizontal and vertical mode.

-The convergent blade design, is compact and convenient, storage length of only 7.5cm.

-10 functions, with a multifunctional tool that can easily handle daily cutting, sharpening, cutting, repairing, etc.

Package Included:

1 x Knife

Note: These is Xiaomi Eco-Chain products, so there is no Xiaomi logo on the products.

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