Remax P10 Bluetooth Selfie Stick With Remote Control & Tripod Mode


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Remax P10 Bluetooth Selfie Stick Price in Bangladesh

Remax P10 Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Remote Control & Tripod Mode. Bluetooth selfie stick works with any phone of any brand. The Selfie holder is adjustable to any phone size, taking selfies and videos has never been so easy. It is easy to adjustable to any angle.

Selfie sticks are outdoorsy things by nature, and if you’re going to head off traveling with one, it makes sense to get one that can stand up to the elements. A Bluetooth remote is also thrown in for good measure, and there’s even a nylon carry bag.



  • Product name: Hunyo selfie stick
  • Product model: P10
  • Unfold size: 63cm
  • Rated Voltage: 3.0V
  • Battery Capacity: 120mAh
  • Usage frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Weight: 155g
  • Material: Aluminum alloy

1. Wireless pairing:
press and hold the photo button for 2 seconds to enter wireless pairing mode. Turn on the wireless function on your phone and search. Then click to connect with the green light remaining on after a successful connection.

2. Phone holder:
Place the stick face up and turn the holder on the back 90° downward to open. Then rotate the holder 180° horizontally.

3. Phone fixing:
Rotate the phone holder freely to your appropriate position and pull open the holder handle. Then fix your phone on it.

4. Photo taking:
Before photo-taking, please set the volume button on your phone as the shutter button using the remote control to take photos.

5. Tripod using (optional):
The product includes a tripod. Open the tripod at the bottom and stretch the stick upwards. Place the stick on a flat surface for use.


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