Panasonic MK-GB3 Stand Mixer

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Panasonic MK-GB3 Stand Mixer In Bangladesh

he MK-GB3 mixer comes with two beater attachments, namely, an egg beater and dough hooks, along with a rotatable mixing bowl. The egg beater lets you prepare whipped cream, cake mixtures, cookie dough, and more. With the dough hooks, you can knead dough for bread to save your precious time. You can adjust the speed up to five using the speed adjustment slider, depending on your requirements. The Panasonic MK GB3 Stand mixer helps you blend your ingredients seamlessly.

Can be used as a flexible desktop or handheld, to meet the needs of every user.In particular, it improved design, and anti-fatigue hand when used for a long time (in case you lift the machine from the body of the cylinder to use mixing materials).

5 speed easily customized with the lever

Customize the appropriate speed to suit each recipe, and ingredients to ensure the food is processed deliciously, and nutritious, achieving a higher processing success rate.

Comes with 2 beaters of eggs, 2 sticks of durable steel powder, anti-rust, safe for health

Large bowl whisks, holds many ingredients at once, mixing food saves time

Easy to take apart parts, convenient cleaning and storage

After cleaning, if you want to use it, you need to install the right parts, because the machine only works when installed correctly.In addition, the machine also disconnects itself when running overloaded, you need to pay attention to use the machine more safely and effectively.

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