Mini Waterproof Rechargeable Shaving Machine


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Mini Waterproof Rechargeable Shaving Machine Price in Bangladesh

The Mini Waterproof Rechargeable Shaving Machine is now available in Bangladesh. Get the original products at the most affordable price only at DROPSHOP.COM.BD and enjoy the quality with the promise of the best customer service in Bangladesh.


  • 0.1mm thin stainless steel foil
  • Motor speed is up to 6600rpm
  •  IPX7 waterproof
  • 60 Minutes Battery Life
  • Quick Charging

Feature :

  • Better Shaving Effect
    It provides you with a closer and more comfortable shaving effect with the 0.1mm thin stainless steel foil.
    It removes hair from the root, helping to achieve the cleanest shaving and more effective hair removal.
  • Precise and Painless Shaving
    The motor speed is up to 6600rpm, twice that of the ordinary electric razor, which can provide precise and safe shaving.
    Even with low power, it can stabilize the motor speed and effectively prevent the beard from getting stuck in the razor, achieving painless shaving.
  • Pocket Size Razor
    With a compact size, you can quickly put it in your jeans pocket and carry it. Suitable for air travel,
    business travel, using in the office, car, on the go, camping, etc.
  • Waterproof & Washable
    It is IPX7 waterproof and can be washed all over the body.
    You can also unscrew the blade foil and wash it under the faucet, keeping it clean without rusting. It will stay sharp for a long time.

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