Panda Portable 3.75 cu.ft 13 lbs Dryer 110V Compact Apartment Size Stainless Steel Drum See Through Window Larger size PAN60SF


Convenient size and spacious drying capacity for small spaces earn this model praise for being a reliable, well-made portable dryer.


  • Capacity 3.75 cu.ft. 120V outlet, plug anywhere you like
  • Lightweight for easy portability. 48lbs to carry around
  • Since it’s 110V, it may take longer to dry than a regular dryer which is 220v.
  • Stainless Steel Drum. Transparent lid.
  • It comes out warm air, it’s fine if leaving in the room in winter. It’s ideal to mount on the wall. Wall mounting kit includes.


New Arrival! 2016 New Model! This is the Largest Size of Three Panda Portable Dryers we are carrying- 13lb clothes capacity.

This compact dryer with 13lbs cloth capacity/ 3.75 cu.ft. makes it easy to quickly dry clothes, sheets, table linens, and more, without taking up a lot of room–Perfect for small living spaces, such as apartments, dorm, or condos. It is also lightweight enough so you can take it with you in an RV or camping trip.

The ETL/CETL-approved, 110Voltage can be plugged anywhere and matches any Panda Portable Washer. Energy save 1500Watts and features a spacious 3.75 cu. ft. drum, a removable interior lint filter, and a user-friendly control panel. Choose drying time, from 20 to 200 minutes. A wall-hanging bracket comes included, can be wall mounted. With rear-venting, can be vented, or recirculating under general room condition where sits close to the window. Or, buy and apply with the extra indoor venting kit. Since it’s 110V, it may take longer to dry than a regular dryer of 220v.

key Features:

Brand: Panda

Model: PAN60SF (Apartment Size)

120V / 60H


13lbs capacity /3.75cu.ft.

Power Source: 110V – 120V / 50HZ – 60HZ

Rated Input: 1500W

Stainless steel tub

4 dryer temperature selections

Wall mounting bracket included

Removable lint filter included

Unit Dimensions (W * D * H): 23.6*21.2*26 inch”

Master Carton Dimensions (W * D * H):23.5*26*30 inch

Unit Weight: 55 lbs

Master Carton Weight: 68 lbs

1 year manufacture warranty

552 customer reviews

A machine that can get clothes fully dry after a reasonable amount of time

I bought this heat dryer to pair with my Giantex/Costway washing/spin dry machine.This dryer meets my needs, so I’m satisfied. I usually spin dry the clothes in the Giantex/Costway before moving the items to this heated dryer.I have only ever used the “hot” air setting, and it does its job. The clothes come out fully dry.The main downside of the machine is that it takes 2+ hours to complete a cycle. The other main downside is that the instructions are useless. They only say how to mount the dryer to the wall (I guess that’s an option), but they don’t explain how the vent is supposed to work. I’m still not quite sure if I’m using it right, but it seems sufficient.As an example of all of this, I have attached a video review of how I go through the drying process. I hope the video helps you see the product in action and answers any questions you might have about its use.I was NOT compensated for this review and I paid full price ($300 at the time) for this product. It’s a bit pricier than I would’ve liked, leading to the minus 1-star, but it’s a good product that has met my needs and I’m glad I made the splurge.

hopefully the lower heat will fix the fuse blown issue with this model.

I’ve purchased this dryer from 3 different companies in the past 5 years, last one being Avanti. Avanti’s service was awesome. It doesn’t matter which company, you buy it from, if it looks like this, it’s the same dryer with a logo stamped on. The issue with this dryer is that if you’re using this dryer in a warm room without A/C above 85 degrees, you’re going to have issues. The issue is that the fuse blows. It’s always the same story. If Panda figured out this issue, I’d definitely give them 5 stars. Only time will tell, as I just received it yesterday. The problem is that there aren’t any other dryers in this size. I’d pay for a more expensive dryer just not to deal with this issue. This dryer doesn’t heat as much as the dryers in the past, and maybe that’s a good thing, so the fuse doesn’t blow. I also like that Panda included 3 round dryer vent extensions to connect to the tubing which is vented outside, and this dryer includes feet.Edit: A rep from Panda informed me that the issue with the fuse being blown was resolved. The heating temperature was lowered to counter this issue. I will revisit this review in a year to see if the problem has finally been resolved.


Get the PAN60SF its 3.75 cubic feet. Pretty decent size for this being a 110v model. Clothes do take longer to dry being its half the power of a standard 220v dryer. But a longer dry time sure beats going to a laundromat or my building’s gross laundry facility down in a dungeness setting in the basement. Yuuck! This dryer is perfect if you live in an apartment with no special venting or electric. Just a standard 110 outlet. I plugged my dryer into an outlet that doesnt have too many other appliances or tvs connected to the same circut. My PAN60SF arrived in a plain box over the original which made my delivery discreet. Which I appreciate alot. Thank you amazon In my opinion this dryer goes best with the Danby DWM17WDB 1.7 cubic foot portable washing maching. I prefer this washer over any other portable washer because it replicates the old school agitator found in the middle of the washer which moves and thoroughly washes the clothes. This technology has been around for decades and still is very effective. The new pulsator washers which basically is disk that swishes arround clothes often tangles everything up and doesn’t clean very well. Im pleased that Danby still offers this old type of machine with modern controls. Both appliances are reasonably priced. Compared to big brands costing nearly double the price. I am very pleased that I took a risk and purchased 2 wonderful appliances. I just received my dryer and im putting it to work. So far so good about an hour for 4 tanks 4 tshirts bunch of socks and boxers 1 hooded sweat shirt. I have been using the Danby washer for over a year and still runs strong. I am just an average person on a moderate income. expressing my opinion about these appliances. I would recommend these products. Danby and Panda very pleased over here. No more walking in the rain and cold outside to the laundry room. I myself used these reviews to make my decision on my appliance purchases. Check out the Danby washer too. I snapped some pics to show what im talking about when I mentioned I like the fact this machine uses an agitator to wash. Which makes all the different in clean clothes. I just wanted to add to my review. Being Pandas controls are on the bottom which is perfect if mount on a wall or have a stand. But i dont have dryer stand kind of money so i improvised. Go to ikea and purchase the “Lack” side table it costs $9.99 and raises the dryer off the floor enough to comfortably get clothes out dryer and reach controls with out crawling on the floor. Its super easy to put together i did mine in 10 mins. Check out the photo.

Perfect apartment sized dryer. Pairs great with Haier Pulsator.

I was used to a full-sized dryer with features such as automatically stopping when the clothes were done and only taking about 45 mins to dry a full load, but as a newly single guy adjusting to apartment living I love this little dryer. It has zero frills, Just works. I leave it set on the “high” setting and set loads to dry for 160-180 mins (big load), 140-160 mins (med load), 120-140 (small load), and 60-80 mins for a single item. Just factor in the extra time it takes to dry your clothes and you’ll be fine. It takes awhile to get the clothes up to temperature, so you can’t come back later and set the dryer to run for 15-20 more mins if the clothes are still slightly damp like you can with a full-sized dryer. I did that at first and it took forever to dry a load. It plugs into a regular 120v wall outlet which means it consumes less power, but since it takes longer to dry (2-3hrs vs 45mins) I was worried that there would still be a net increase in my electric bill. After a month of running a load 2-3x/wk through this dryer my electric bill was only $20 so apparently, there are no significant costs associated with operating it. It won’t connect to a normal vent duct as it is smaller in diameter, but there is no apparent need to as it comes with a weird chimney-like exhaust which I’ve just left off as well. Also, I took a box of dryer sheets and cut them all in half using a half-sheet per load in this dryer, works perfectly. Pairs well with a Haier Pulsator washer which they are small enough to fit together in a 3 sqft w/d room meant for a combo w/d (which I opted not to get since they are known to have issues).

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Panda Portable Dryer, 13 lbs.
Panda Portable Dryer, 13 lbs.
Panda Portable Dryer, 13 lbs.
Panda Portable Dryer, 13 lbs.
Panda Portable Dryer, 13 lbs.
Panda Portable Dryer, 13 lbs.
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