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Loading Ramps Marvel E1375 Avengers Legends Series 6″ Black Widow with Motorcycle



  • Single runner arched folding ramp for loading and unloading motorcycles, dirt bikes, and more
  • Measures 7′ 5″ L x 11.25″ W; maximum 1,500 lb weight capacity
  • Arched for maximum engine and tailpipe clearance
  • Serrated rungs for superior traction in mud, rain or snow; plate-style attaching lip safely supports ramp on vehicle; includes 2 adjustable safety straps to secure ramps to vehicle
  • High-strength, lightweight aluminum construction


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Easily and efficiently transport motorcycles of all sizes with this arched bike ramp from DiscountRamps.com. Measuring 89″ long and 11-1/4″ wide, this single motorcycle ramp is constructed from high-quality, rust-resistant aluminum. 1/2″ diameter serrated cross bars provide increased stability and superior traction in rain, snow or mud. Lightweight and easy to operate, the ramp folds in half to make storage and transportation a breeze. This heavy-duty single-runner motorcycle ramp features a solid 1/2″ thick plate that supports the unit on the vehicle. For added security, this arched aluminum ramp includes an adjustable safety strap to prevent kicking out during loading and a tapered bottom edge for an easier approach. We recommend always loading motorcycles with at least two people when using single motorcycle ramps. These single ramps are not designed for riding your motorcycle up because they are not wide enough to put your feet down when loading and unloading. Check out our wider Black Widow system for one-person loading (BW-40-AMR).

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Best Loading Ramps

There are better options if you are loading by yourself

So first, lets cover the basics. This is one tough ramp. It is well made and it looks built to handle just about any amount of use and abuse I might through at it. I purchased mine in order to load a motorcycle into the bed of my truck. The bike weighs about 700 pounds, so I over did it in terms of the ramp – a cheaper ramp could have done the job. So what is the hang up? Well, if you are going to be loading and unloading this thing by yourself, you are going to want to think about that before buying. In my case, I was able to unload the bike by myself without any issues. However, I found that it was just about impossible to load the bike while standing on the ground. I suppose the key here is how high your truck bed is. I have since seen other ramps that are much wider – nearly the entire width of the truck bed that make walking the bike up into the bed much easier. However, these wider ramps (at least the ones I have seen) do not even come close to the rugged construction of this ramp. Another thing to mention is that this ramp has just a little bit of a hump in it in the middle. This is a good thing. This means that the angle your bike is at when it enters the bed is more gentle, so when you are loading, you are not going to bottom out on the edge and possibly watch your bike tumble to the ground (Do a search on motorcycle ramps on youtube to see what I am talking about.. it ain’t pretty). Despite this one concern, I am very satisfied with this ramp and given its quality, I know that it will get used for years to come and will be ready if I ever upgrade to the heavier cruisers.

Nice ramp

Very nice ramp. I’m done with the whole 2×12 thing. Sturdy and light enough. I’m using in a utility trailer so the length is fine, a big bike in a full size truck might be a handful if your alone or can’t park in such a way as to level things out. Looks like it will outlast me.


Very good works well good price


Unloaded an 800 lb with no issues.

Five Stars

Excellent product.

Good Ramp

Bought 2 so i could load my motorcycle by myself into my 09 tacoma, well build, and stores nicely with the fold up

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